How to fix bad esn virgin mobile

How to fix bad esn virgin mobile I understand that you can get a blacklisted ESN on a Sprint phone by not paying the bill.
A bad ESN mean that Verizon has blacklisted the ESN and will not allow the phone to be used on a account on .
Repair bad esn virgin mobile Virgin will suspend the active account which will allow a new account with that ESN to be created by the new .
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Intercept how to recover from bad esn I purchased four 4gmotion phones for my family a week ago.
The phones activated on a Beyond Talk plan through Virgin Mobile cannot be activated even after the 190 day period unless the original purchaser cancelled the account.
Virgin mobile lg rumor touch bad esn Good morning i just activated a family plan with 2 phones with verizon wireless.
Bad esn for virginmobile intercept My phone was returned and now i have both phones.
Flash phone to virgin mobile modify esn I have three lg optimus sprint phones i would like to go to family mobille pay as you go .
Fix virgin mobile intercept phone I have an iphone on a plan but i got a new android.
Flash vigin mobile samsung intercept phones and fix bad esn I was wonering how i can flash phones to diffrent carriers and how to fix bad esns for phones.
I got a new VM phone and activated my old one for my wife 5 min after I activated my new one.
If you fail to pay a bill with their beyond talk plan the ESN of a phone will be bad for 90 days then will be usable again.
If you call in and cancel your phone then it wont come up as a bad ESN just like any cell phone company.
Samsung transform repair esn My boyfriend and i hae t mobile nokia windows 7 phones.
Esn repair samsung transform I have purchased a new karbonn a9 phone but it is not accepting my 4gb sd card which is working fine in other mobile phones.
I have to VMobile Intercept phones and want to take the SIM card out of one phone and put it in the second phone.
Finding esn on samsung intercept virgin I have 2 samsung galaxy 2 phones through sprint.
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I believe you can port your number over to another carrier if needed because virgin has you blacklisted no one else does.
This is a major problem and Virgin will not recognize used phones because they are not purchased through a retail outlet.
If you wait and try to activate it after 90 days it will still be black listed and you will not be able to use it plus if you like your cell number that will be lost with the old account.
You must open a dispute within 45 days of your purchase or payment to initiate the Purchase Protection process.
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Verizon has arrangements with the foreign carriers to use their system and bill you through Verizon for the service.
A bad ESN mean that Verizon has blacklisted the ESN and will not allow the phone to be used on a account on their network.
Software hacks on the phone can unlock the 4s to use all GSM and CDMA networks.
An unhacked Verizon 4s with a bad ESN can only be used with foreign sims if sometime in the past someone got Verizon to unlock it.
Or just sell it as a Bad ESN and that you can get it flashed to the above companies.
Seller says bad ESN maybe a flashing problem and cracked screen but still runs great and battery .
Seller says bad ESN maybe a flashing problem and cracked screen but still runs great and battery life still great.
Seller is selling cause small cracked screen and keyboard slides in out a little rough other than that great phone seller says.
What could i use as a cleaner or whatever to fix a rough slider on the keyboard of this phone.
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Clearing a number on a virgin mobile cell phone I was recently given an old verizon android phone with a bad esn.
Esn repair virgin mobile phones The esn number is still locked on lg ally in my friends name because she has an unpaid bill.
The point of the matter was I did my duty in checking if the ESN was clean which Virgin assured it was then later because of their loopholes in replacement insurance for handsets the buyer scammed me for XXX amount of dollars.
I know its against the rules to post a for sale ad but it should not be if I post a want ad and do business that way.
Bought a phone off o f craigslist turns out out phone is still activated guy says its supposed to be off now that he canceled the service will this give a bad esn its on the sprint network.
The only way its ESN number will be unblocked is if the original owner calls in and says that they found it.
The ESN gets marked by the carrier as a bad ESN and will not activate it until the past due balance is paid in full.
I know for a fact with the sprint epic 4g that you can flash the phone with a bad esn to boost mobile.
Sprint bad esn iphone 5 can it be used in india I am planning to buy a sprint iphone 4s clean esn in us.
Virgin mobile samsung intercept selling esn I was recently given an old verizon android phone with a bad esn.
Virgin moblie bad esn My phone was dropped in sweat tea yesterdayi got it to where the phone only goes to the verizon logo screen thing.
Bad esn for virginmobile intercept My lg metro pcs phone is stuck at the loading screen where it says lg.
Samsung galaxy s bad esn flash to virgin mobile I can not transfer songs from my computer to my phone.
Virgin mobile samsung intercept music player wont stop playing I just received my refurbished virgin mobile samsung intercept in the mail.
Will I still be able to use a virgin mobile phone with a bad esn on my current virgin mobile account .
Straight talk bad esn fix I bought an htc 4g phone from ebay and didnt realize that it had a bad esn.
With GSM phones the service is tied to the SIM card not the ESN and they cannot be blacklisted the same way a CDMA phone can.
Even if you managed a way to unlock it for SIM use you would only be able to use it on Tmobile or ATT.
Clear a bad esn through virgin mobile I have a sprint photon that i would like to clear the esn and have unlocked.

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